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Gala Apple
  • Gala apples are a cross between Kidd´s Orange Red & Golden Delicious apples
  • Gala's thin skin can vary in color from cream to red & yellow striped
  • Gala apples are a premium dessert apple. Their mild-sweet flavor make them ideal for snacking and are a favorite among even the pickiest of eaters
  • Gala Apples originated in New Zealand
  • Since their introduction to the United States in the early 1970's, Gala has become one of the country's most popular apples!

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Gala Apple <BR>6 Count Apple Gift Pack
Gala Apple
6 Count Apple Gift Pack
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Gala Apple <BR>12 Count  Apple Gift Pack
Gala Apple
12 Count Apple Gift Pack
Your Price: $26.00
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Honeycrisp Combo<BR>18 Count Extra Fancy<BR>Choose the other 1/2
Honeycrisp Combo
18 Count Extra Fancy
Choose the other 1/2
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Gala Apple<BR>18 Count Apple Gift Pack
Gala Apple
18 Count Apple Gift Pack
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Gala Apple<BR>25 Count Apple Gift Pack
Gala Apple
25 Count Apple Gift Pack
Your Price: $36.50
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Gala Apple<BR>50 Count Gift Box
Gala Apple
50 Count Gift Box
Your Price: $69.00
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Asian Pear Apple Combo<BR>18 Count Gift Box<BR>You choose the other 1/2!
Asian Pear Apple Combo
18 Count Gift Box
You choose the other 1/2!
Your Price: $42.95
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Gala Apple<BR>Bushel Case<BR>100 Count Extra Fancy<BR> (risk of bruising)
Gala Apple
Bushel Case
100 Count Extra Fancy
(risk of bruising)
Your Price: $88.00
In Stock