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Rome Apple

  • An old time variety, Rome Apple originated in Ohio in 1816.
  • Deep to bright red and sometimes slightly striped, Rome Apples are tangy, very firm and dense.
  • Rome apples are best when prepared in dishes such as pies and apple pancakes.
  • Known as the "bakers buddy", Rome Apples retain their shape and their flavor is enhanced when baked.

Rome Apples
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Rome Apple<BR>12 Count Gift Box
Rome Apple
12 Count Gift Box
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Rome Apple<BR>18 Count Gift Box
Rome Apple
18 Count Gift Box
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Rome<BR>25 Count Apple Gift Box
25 Count Apple Gift Box
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Rome Apple <BR>50 Count Apple Gift Pack
Rome Apple
50 Count Apple Gift Pack
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Rome Apple<BR>Bushel Case<BR>64-72 Count<BR>(risk of bruising)
Rome Apple
Bushel Case
64-72 Count
(risk of bruising)
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