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Macoun Apple Bushel Case 80/88 Count (Risk of Bruising)

Macoun Apple Bushel Case 80/88 Count (Risk of Bruising)  <BR> PRE-ORDER
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Macoun apple 40lb case of 113/125 count apples. Shipping your Macoun apples UPS.  
Email us with any special shipping requests. We include any special message you would like with your Macoun apples. 
Macoun apple another New York, New England favorite. Hurry Macoun apples will be gone before the Holidays.
(Shipping in cases run some risk of bruising) 

Macoun apples were developed at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in 1932. Macoun apple was named for a famous Canadian fruit breeder. Macoun apples are extra sweet, aromatic, juicy with a hint of Crunch. Known to be a perfect pairing with wine and cheese, Macoun Apples are also great for salads and sauce. Macoun, a favorite of many New York and New Englanders. Macoun apples are recommended up till Christmas time. Macoun apple is one of the parents of Honeycrisp!

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